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Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. If your question or the answer you need is not listed, please contact us.

For what purpose did you launch Slinger?

In the Netherlands alone, people drive more than one billion kilometres every year to get to sports events and festivals. Between 60 and 85% of all CO2 emissions from festivals and sports events are from transport. Unfortunately, only 50% of the seats in visitors’ cars are used.

Why would I want to add Slinger to my website?

By installing the widget on your website, you will reduce the carbon footprint of your sports event or festival. You will provide your visitors with a very enjoyable opportunity to get to know each other, and you will gain insight into their travel behaviour and patterns.

Why do visitors feel that sharing a ride through Slinger is so much fun?

Visitors to sports events and festivals share much more than a ride. They share their destination. Sharing a ride thus becomes part of the event. They get to know people who share their passion and they share in the fun before and after the event – while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions and sharing fuel and parking costs wherever possible.

How can I install Slinger on my website?

Installing the widget is a matter of five minutes. If you are interested, please complete the contact form under the ‘free trial’ button. If you would like more information first or if you prefer to speak to one of us in person, please send an email to stating your name and telephone number, and we will get back to you.

Where can I see how much km/CO2 I have saved?

We will provide you with an online dashboard that allows you to monitor all results in real time, such as rides offered, matches, reduced kilometres, and reduced CO2 emissions. You can monitor this for each individual event as well as for the sum total of all events!

How can I convince my visitors to use the widget?

You can place the widget live on several high-traffic pages on your website. Examples include the home page, the ticket sales page, the transport page, and an article page. We furthermore recommend to include the ride-sharing option in your emails to visitors.

How many events can be active in my widget at the same time?

Every widget can show an unlimited number of events.

Is Slinger a safe mode of transport?

We offer an open platform to bring together supply and demand. The users themselves can decide if and to what extent they want to use identity verifications. We give them some tips and tricks, such as exchanging cell phone numbers prior to the ride as well as selfies and agreeing on a good place to meet.

Are your visitors covered by their own insurance policy when they share rides?

The form of carpooling that is facilitated by Slinger involves the possible sharing of expenses within a non-commercial context. This form of carpooling is no different from the ordinary use of a vehicle to transport a spouse, friends or co-workers. Within this context, the statutory insurance policy will provide sufficient cover for third-party liability.

Will installing the widget affect the performance of our website?

No. The Slinger widget will be added to the website by adding a script tag. The script tag will load the Slinger widget: a 1 KB JavaScript file. The widget will be initialized from this file, during which process we will download a few more assets (stylesheets, images, fonts). In total, this involves 100 KB. No external (tracking) scripts will be loaded; all resources come from a * domain.

Our mission

Between 60 and 85% of all CO2 emissions from festivals and sports events are from transport, but only 50% of the seats in visitors’ cars are used. We want to join forces to improve this situation – by matching your visitors and giving them the most enjoyable ride-sharing experience you can imagine.