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For what purpose did you launch Slinger?

Why would I want to add Slinger to my website?

Why do visitors feel that sharing a ride through Slinger is so much fun?

How can I install Slinger on my website?

Where can I see how much km/CO2 I have saved?

How can I convince my visitors to use the widget?

How many events can be active in my widget at the same time?

Is Slinger a safe mode of transport?

Are your visitors covered by their own insurance policy when they share rides?

Will installing the widget affect the performance of our website?

Our mission

Between 60 and 85% of all CO2 emissions from festivals and sports events are from transport, but only 50% of the seats in visitors’ cars are used. We want to join forces to improve this situation – by matching your visitors and giving them the most enjoyable ride-sharing experience you can imagine.